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DigiPen Spring 2016 — Rekindled

Rekindled has been released onto the DigiPen Game Gallery.

Rekindled is a game where you play as a fox leading the element of fire back to the Spirit of the Forest, in the hopes that it will heal the corrupted flora and fauna that inhabit the place.

The game plays as a 2D platformer with light stealth elements.  This was the first game any of us had ever made in a custom-built engine, which we dubbed the For Lease Engine.  Some very interesting tech went into the game, including using 2D meshes for all foreground graphics.  This allowed us to scale our foreground art without losing fidelity.

I was the producer of the game, and I worked on physics, collision, raycasting, core engine architecture, menus, audio programming, and a lot more.  The graded team that I was lucky to be a part of (Team For Lease) was amazing.  Furthermore, Alex Beavin did great work on the background art, and Eric Bergman continued delivering new sound effects and background tracks up to the last minute.

Team For Lease:

  • Jiangdi Gou
  • Kaila Harris
  • Christopher Hudson
  • Andrew Langley
  • Sean McGeer
  • Sam Montanari
  • Josh Painter

Additional Assets:

  • Alex Beavin – Background Artist
  • Eric Bergman – Sound Designer