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Stick Hero

This was our final project for my university game design course.  The same team that worked on Pirates of Varuk worked on this game.

I mostly worked on editing the music and sound effects, as well as getting the particle effects to look gruesome and bloody (and fiery at times).  I have to say, the Flint particle system is amazing.


Jason Cummer — Art/Programming

Aaron Konkin — Art/Programming/Sound

Sean McGeer — Programming/Sound/Trailer


Stick Hero:  Play on Newgrounds | Download Source


I threw together a trailer because we were supposed to have a presentation and I panicked.  Turns out the presentation was extremely optional, but I still think the trailer is kinda funny.


Pirates of Varuk v1.1

POST UPDATED to link to the new 1.1 version, which includes polishing and which was uploaded to Newgrounds as well as its original site.

I mainly worked on the music and sound effects, choosing all of the music and sound effects and remixing those that needed it for use in the game.  I also worked on polishing the game and publishing it.

Pirates of Varuk:  Play Game/View Credits | Play on Newgrounds | Download Source | License