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Program Dump #4

I made a little utility to download all Imgur images and albums that a user has submitted to Reddit.  I worked on it to learn Python and regex.  My conclusion was that Python is fun and regex is fiddly but interesting.

You can download it on GitHub.  It’s called rid.py (short for Reddit-Imgur Downloader).

Also, my friends and I are working on a chess game, the code for which can be seen on GitHub.  It is going to be used to practice the basic design methodologies that we’re going to use for a group project, like  careful documentation.  We’re looking to expand this into a much more ambitious game.

Program Dump #3 – Fun With Numbers (and Python!)

I decided to mess around with Python for a while, and ended up making number-related programs.  Namely, these scripts tested for number happiness and primality, generated happy and/or prime numbers, and generated prime numbers until the program received an interrupt.  The prime number generator utilizes the Sieve of Eratosthenes if I implemented it correctly.

Keep in mind that none of this stuff is optimized–I did each of these in a few minutes or so, just for fun and all that.

Fun With Numbers: Download

Keep in mind that after you unpack the .zip, you’ll need Python installed on your system and then run the script from the terminal.