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CS 106 Project

We were told, as the final project for the UVic Computer Science 106 class, to research a subject that related in some way to something we had learned that year. To that end, I performed an HCI analysis of various game modification tools, notably the Far Cry 2 map editor, the Hammer editor for the Source engine, and the Unreal Development Kit.

Special thanks goes to esko-man for putting his song GlowLoop up under Creative Commons at Newgrounds.

Half-Life 2 AGATE Mod

HL2 Title Page

I was invited in my junior year of high school to do the AGATE (Acalanes Gifted and Talented Education) Program. I ended up researching the Coastal Miwok tribe of Native Americans and dummied up a virtual simulation, which combined with an IRL report of what everything in the virtual world meant gave me a pass in the program. If you own a Source game, then you can download the mod here. Use WinRAR to unarchive it. The report, instructions, and mod itself are all contained in that download.