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Raining Cats and Dogs

Alex Beavin and I (we call ourselves I’m a Roast!) made a game in a little less than a day.  Alex made the art and I did the programming (in JavaScript, using the Impact engine).

We later revisited this game and reskinned it as a Christmas card called Snowing Stellas, featuring the card recipient’s cat and a snowy theme.

Raining Cats and Dogs: Play | I’m a Roast!

Snowing Stellas: Play | I’m a Roast!

DigiPen Fall 2014

During my first semester at DigiPen Institute of Technology, I worked on several final projects.

The first was my GAM100 project, called “Better Living Through Chemicals.”  Developed in the Zero Engine with two other students (our team was called Not A Team), I created the original idea and helped design and build the game.  You can download it here (Windows executable).

The second was my final project in my Maya modelling class.  I created a jail room and animated a camera moving through it.  You can view this animation on YouTube.

Program Dump #4

I made a little utility to download all Imgur images and albums that a user has submitted to Reddit.  I worked on it to learn Python and regex.  My conclusion was that Python is fun and regex is fiddly but interesting.

You can download it on GitHub.  It’s called rid.py (short for Reddit-Imgur Downloader).

Also, my friends and I are working on a chess game, the code for which can be seen on GitHub.  It is going to be used to practice the basic design methodologies that we’re going to use for a group project, like  careful documentation.  We’re looking to expand this into a much more ambitious game.

Term Projects

I worked on two final projects this term.  The first was a group project in my Object Oriented programming course.  I did the frontend coding of Toys Are Yours.  The second was a solo effort in my graphics course–I did what I often do, and made a game called HistoBreaker.


Toys Are Yours utilizes the calendar widget I posted here previously.


As a simple exercise in multiplayer in PHP, I created a Tic-Tac-Toe setup.  The top row selects the virtual table to sit down at, the second row destroys session data for that table, and the other links are self-descriptive.  This exposes everything to the users, but I got too lazy to write in how to handle a user leaving the game.  Instead, the users can take care of it themselves.  Not that I’m expecting this to be a big hit–it’s mainly me warming up for a collaboration with my friends.

This version is far superior to my previous Tic-Tac-Toe game–but that’s not saying much.  It’s not particularly sophisticated, but it works.

Tic-Tac-Toe: Play


This is something that was conceived of by my father.  He also coded the first version in JavaScript, HTML and Python.  When I re-coded it for my SENG130 final project, I redid all of the code from scratch, in JavaScrip, HTML and PHP, utilizing SQLite.  It’s still under semi-active development by Smoking Fish Games, the name we put on games that my dad and I make together.

The main concept is that Sudoku only needs some form of symbols to play, not necessarily numbers.  This game allows one to upload and/or use a palette of images.  It also has other features not seen in other online Sudoku games, like a checkpointing system.

Imagedoku: Play | Smoking Fish Games | Source on GitHub

Stick Hero

This was our final project for my university game design course.  The same team that worked on Pirates of Varuk worked on this game.

I mostly worked on editing the music and sound effects, as well as getting the particle effects to look gruesome and bloody (and fiery at times).  I have to say, the Flint particle system is amazing.


Jason Cummer — Art/Programming

Aaron Konkin — Art/Programming/Sound

Sean McGeer — Programming/Sound/Trailer


Stick Hero:  Play on Newgrounds | Download Source


I threw together a trailer because we were supposed to have a presentation and I panicked.  Turns out the presentation was extremely optional, but I still think the trailer is kinda funny.


Pirates of Varuk v1.1

POST UPDATED to link to the new 1.1 version, which includes polishing and which was uploaded to Newgrounds as well as its original site.

I mainly worked on the music and sound effects, choosing all of the music and sound effects and remixing those that needed it for use in the game.  I also worked on polishing the game and publishing it.

Pirates of Varuk:  Play Game/View Credits | Play on Newgrounds | Download Source | License


Program Dump #1

These are my Tic-Tac-Toe and Blackjack games I made for fun. I originally posted them on my other, more casual blog.

Tic-Tac-Toe:  Original post | Download

Compile with “java TTT.java” It’s really simple and kind of crude, but eh.

Blackjack: Original post | Download

Compile with “java -jar Blackjack.jar” It’s incomplete, but I don’t know if I’ll bother improving it. Depends on if I end up doing anything more interesting instead.

CS 106 Project

We were told, as the final project for the UVic Computer Science 106 class, to research a subject that related in some way to something we had learned that year. To that end, I performed an HCI analysis of various game modification tools, notably the Far Cry 2 map editor, the Hammer editor for the Source engine, and the Unreal Development Kit.

Special thanks goes to esko-man for putting his song GlowLoop up under Creative Commons at Newgrounds.