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Stick Hero

This was our final project for my university game design course.  The same team that worked on Pirates of Varuk worked on this game.

I mostly worked on editing the music and sound effects, as well as getting the particle effects to look gruesome and bloody (and fiery at times).  I have to say, the Flint particle system is amazing.


Jason Cummer — Art/Programming

Aaron Konkin — Art/Programming/Sound

Sean McGeer — Programming/Sound/Trailer


Stick Hero:  Play on Newgrounds | Download Source


I threw together a trailer because we were supposed to have a presentation and I panicked.  Turns out the presentation was extremely optional, but I still think the trailer is kinda funny.


CS 106 Project

We were told, as the final project for the UVic Computer Science 106 class, to research a subject that related in some way to something we had learned that year. To that end, I performed an HCI analysis of various game modification tools, notably the Far Cry 2 map editor, the Hammer editor for the Source engine, and the Unreal Development Kit.

Special thanks goes to esko-man for putting his song GlowLoop up under Creative Commons at Newgrounds.